Traveled half way across the country from Wisconsin to California so I could follow my dreams of becoming an actress. I'm documenting my adventures along with the struggles of the true Hollywood story of a no name girl trying to break into the filmmaking industry. I'm not going to sugar coat anything or lie about my experiences to make the journey sound better then what honestly is going on. I will be revealing the true reality, the success if any, and the heartache of what happens when trying to reach this one in a million dream. So come on this roller coaster with me and my dog Gizmo to see for yourself what it takes to make it, what it doesn't, or maybe you'll realize this dream could in fact be for you.


"2Fur1" is mine and Gizmo's web series!

After two best friends move to Los Angeles for the same dream in the acting industry, one friend is starting to make his dream a reality while the other is waiting for the phone to ring. Will their friendship stay strong or will the dog end up stealing the show...

Do you have a dream?
My best friend and I happen to share the same dream, so we decided to move to beautiful Los Angeles to get the fairy tale ending that dreams do come true.
However, a rude awakening occurred when realizing my dreams weren’t happening as fast as I had planned while noticing Gizmo’s career was taking off with me feeling like I was left in the dust.
So what will happen between our friendship with one being a successful actor and the other who’s a struggling actress. Instead of reading about our Hollywood endeavors why don’t you watch our life unfold and see for yourself that indeed we are “2fur1”


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  1. You know what you should do "Get a Job"...The only reason people come here is because youre pretty