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Friday, December 7, 2012

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl - Pocket Dial

 After filming a short film I directed/wrote called "Fake Pocket Dial" my brother watched the video and said that it reminded him of a Super Bowl commercial. The next day, I saw an ad for Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest on Facebook and figured it was a sign that I must create Fake Pocket Dial into a commercial! Now, this was my first attempt at directing and writing a commercial and even if I don't make it into the top five finalist, I still had an amazing time creating the clip! I was blessed to work with amazing actors that brought the characters to life! I was really happy and couldn't be more pleased on how it turned out! Plus, each project I do, I keep learning more and more to put forth on my next projects to make them even better then the last! I am hoping some of the films I create will be on TV someday real soon for people to enjoy as much as I really enjoy creating them!

Below is "Fake Pocket Dial" the short film.
It's the new game to dating ;)

When the going gets rough with attracting the ladies, an average guy creates the perfect plan with the fake pocket dial and starts getting good looking girls left and right. Will his luck run out or will he become the next god to mankind?

Here is a link to watch the Doritos commercial on the Doritos Facebook page. There's two versions!
Click for the Official Pocket Dial (1) Commercial on Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Site

Click for the Official Pocket Dial (2) Commercial on Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Site

Want to learn more about the Doritos commercial I made, please check out Why Wait Productions Official Doritos Website

Now don't think, I forgot about Gizmo! I also wrote, just for him, a fun Doritos commercial staring the cute long hair chihuahua!  Click for the Official Chihuahua's Chips Commercial on the Doritos Website
Want to learn more about Gizmo's commercial please click here!

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