Traveled half way across the country from Wisconsin to California so I could follow my dreams of becoming an actress. I'm documenting my adventures along with the struggles of the true Hollywood story of a no name girl trying to break into the filmmaking industry. I'm not going to sugar coat anything or lie about my experiences to make the journey sound better then what honestly is going on. I will be revealing the true reality, the success if any, and the heartache of what happens when trying to reach this one in a million dream. So come on this roller coaster with me and my dog Gizmo to see for yourself what it takes to make it, what it doesn't, or maybe you'll realize this dream could in fact be for you.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I've made it to my 100th Blog Post!

Wow, my 100th blog post! I started up my Blog in December of 2010, which had explained what I did before the dream of acting occurred. I use to model, do promotions, and lived in the great Midwest of North Saint Paul, Minnesota. I grew up in a small hick town that I will always love, in Wisconsin and now I'm in Hollywood, California. Yup still pursing that dream of acting that I had talked about years ago, LOL!

If I would have known then what and where I would be now, I would have never believed I would have my own film company (Why Wait Productions) making my own shorts and web series. Within the years of moving out to the big city, I've been hurt, let down, dreams torn in front of my eyes, agents telling me I don’t have it, and believing maybe I'm not made for this town. Throughout all those emotions I have made it to my 100th blog post and for some odd freakish emotion, with not even a penny to my name, I feel like things are okay and going in the right direction. I may not be able to afford rent in the near feature let along my groceries, but I feel like something much bigger, much brighter, is going to happen that will make me start living my life and seeing what life really has to offer! It has been a long rocky road trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, but every time I try to steer away from the entertainment industry, and get a real job, it just keeps pulling me back. I have so many stories I have always wanted to tell through creating films and now throughout the three years of living in California, I have realized my fear of making my stories a reality is no longer holding me back. I am ready to hit the ground running and just doing what I want to do and stop dreaming about it. Yes, maybe the stories I want to create or tell might not be a majority hit to most viewers, but if I can have a few people really enjoy my films, that is all I ask for!

The last few dollars I own or will get through gigs here and there, is going to go into my production company and I am going to create videos left and right. I'll release the videos on my YouTube Channel and put them on my Why Wait Productions website (which I designed myself).
Hey, this is something I've always wanted to do when I was a kid, so now it's time to stop sitting back and talking about it. It's that time to finally say WHY WAIT, just do it before it's too late!

Please comment, like, or let me know what you would like to see in future BLOG posts!

Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!
Cause who knows: WHAT COMES NEXT...

-Jahnna Randall