Traveled half way across the country from Wisconsin to California so I could follow my dreams of becoming an actress. I'm documenting my adventures along with the struggles of the true Hollywood story of a no name girl trying to break into the filmmaking industry. I'm not going to sugar coat anything or lie about my experiences to make the journey sound better then what honestly is going on. I will be revealing the true reality, the success if any, and the heartache of what happens when trying to reach this one in a million dream. So come on this roller coaster with me and my dog Gizmo to see for yourself what it takes to make it, what it doesn't, or maybe you'll realize this dream could in fact be for you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's summer, time to work out!

It's officially summer 2012 and it's that time of year for bikinis and shorts, in that case, that means I need to start cutting back on the sugar. Wait hold up, that ain't going to happen, I love my chocolate, soda, and baby back ribs. So I guess that means it's time to get a work out routine going! Gizmo and I are going to be hiking every morning at Runyon Canon which is a fun mountain trail in Hollywood. With this exercise routine I can also get my tan on since it's outdoors, win win situation! We started our work out today, or I should say I did and every time Gizmo saw shade he planted down in all fours.
Next time I will bring my backpack and he can dangle out of it, I guess he is the true "talent", such a little DIVA he can be!
 Maybe after a few weeks of going hiking I can finally get the confidence to finally say hello to Dane Cook; however, he does tend to look at me in a strange way each time I run into him, but I can't help it that Gizmo steals the spotlight on the trail!
After the gratification hike, I finished updateing my actress website. I still need to add some videos and edit my new reel but I figured I would at least share what I've done so far with the new site!

Please comment, like, or let me know what you would like to see in future BLOG posts!

Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!
Cause who knows: WHAT COMES NEXT...

-Jahnna Randall





Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to Blogging! First Short Film!

Wow, I can't believe it has been just about five months since my last blog post. I am ashamed and will make sure to keep up with the posts! Since this long time lapse, I am excited to share I have created a film company called Why Wait Productions! Hollywood is one tough cookie to crack to get your foot in the door and I'm tired of waiting around to hopefully be seen by Steven Spielberg, Tina Fey, or JJ Abrams by accidentally bumping into them at a coffee shop. However, I realized within the three years I've been out here, I don't even drink coffee so this marvelous plan of running into these talented people just isn't going to happen, so I figured the internet is the next best step! With YouTube becoming more successful every day and building careers for creative people like iJustine, Jenna Marbles, Freddiew, and many others it was time to stop being a talker and finally take the leap and show the world what I, and of course Gizmo, are capable of achieving! It can be hard and scary to put yourself out there over the internet (and no I don't mean porn) because of the negative people who like to tear you down but I've realized in these past months I can hide in my shoebox of an apartment and try to be what people would like me to be or I could show the world my true weirdness and actually find real friends that are as equally weird! With the type rambling, I do have a point to all of this, just get up and do what makes you happy even if others don't approve. Those people may secretly be jealous that they can't do it, they just want to see you fail, or they really just don't like you. But who cares about them, when in fact it's about you and your happiness. You should be happy that you tried what you have always wanted to do, and if it doesn't work out you at least won't have that 'what if' feeling. On a positive note, along the way you will run into other people who are trying to be happy and to me those are the people I want to surround mine and Gizmo's life with! So to conclude this blog post, here is my first short film I directed, produced, co-wrote, edited, and acted in. Yes, it might not be the best short film out there, but I gave it my best first attempt and many more tries will follow!


It's a dog eat dog world out there and it's even more so in the world of the "prestigious" Arkansas Dog Beauty Pageant where the dog owners are the real bitches. Coming from all over the country, these unique personalities will do anything to have their dog win, from pageant sabotages to having their dogs wear corsages; nothing is safe, scared, or sane in this battle for the crown. Yet, the real stars of the show are the pooches, who prance around pampered and pedicured like the divas that they know they are, and they take their beauty contest very seriously as they compete in very funny and unpredictable ways. Communicating privately through their psychic doggie dialogue, two of the favorite contestants, Gizmo and Lua, the golden Chihuahuas, fall madly in love risking not only the crown, but their owners' dreams in this star-crossed romance. 



Full Short Film:

Jahnna Randall

Andrea Dantas

Kim Beavers

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