Traveled half way across the country from Wisconsin to California so I could follow my dreams of becoming an actress. I'm documenting my adventures along with the struggles of the true Hollywood story of a no name girl trying to break into the filmmaking industry. I'm not going to sugar coat anything or lie about my experiences to make the journey sound better then what honestly is going on. I will be revealing the true reality, the success if any, and the heartache of what happens when trying to reach this one in a million dream. So come on this roller coaster with me and my dog Gizmo to see for yourself what it takes to make it, what it doesn't, or maybe you'll realize this dream could in fact be for you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outdoor Mall & Book Tour

Got up early to head over to the Americana in Glendale, which is a beautiful out door mall. Once arriving, I was in awe of the stores, restaurants, and the grass. The grass was such a breathtaking sight, reminded me of home (WI/MN) for just a split second, until I realized there are no outdoor malls there! We (Gizmo) wanted to go to the Barnes and Noble to buy the new book EntreLeadership and have the book signed by the author Dave Ramsey himself (previous post about Dave’s other book called The Total Money Makeover). Upon approaching the bookstore early, I noticed a young man outside with Dave’s new book; therefore, rallied up excitement for me to march over to ask if Dave was there yet. Wasn’t expecting any disappointment for the morning; however, it blew into my view when finding out Dave canceled his book signing at the Barnes & Noble.  Just my luck, the first book signing I decide to go to the author couldn’t attend. I understand things happen, so I wasn’t mad about the whole ordeal, and plus they did give me the book for free which then made my day! And on another positive note at the Americana I saw this amazing looking outdoor sushi restaurant that I think I might need to try out this week during their happy hour lunch special!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Claimed As a Bad Owner!

Gizmo helped me with some errands today while giving kisses to every person that happened to walk by when I was pushing him in the cart. After our errands I needed to grab a few things at a grocery store so I stopped at Trader Joe's in Burbank. With only a couple food items needed, my trip in the store would be less then ten minutes, which resulted in my decision not to bring Gizmo into the store to start a hassle with the employees. Being speedy I came back to find two people surrounding my car as if there was a bomb that needed to be defused. The man bolted off into the store as if he was going to call a S.W.A.T. team and I asked the lady what she was doing around my car. Instantly, I was called out that I was a bad person leaving a dog in a car for so long. I disagreed with her mentioning I was not in the store for an extended amount of time. She rejected me immediately to analyze that management told her they were out five to six times checking on the dog (wow five to six times within ten minutes, doesn’t the manager have a store to run). She then went into the fact I did not have my window down, trying to stay calm and collective, I tried to bring her to my driver door to show her it was cracked, but she didn’t want to be proven wrong, which entitled her to snap back without even looking at the window saying, “that’s it.” With the temptation of flying of the handle and wanting to say, “You want me to roll my whole window down, then walk into the store, come back to see that my DOG has been stolen.” Instead I resisted and asked her to, “Please come to my door so I can show you my dog is fine.” Tears started building up in my eyes, I guess in the heat of the moment I thought social services was going to come and take Gizmo away with the horrible judgment she had against me. The lady took notice of my emotional facial expression and slowly came to my door to touch Gizmo realizing he is fine and wasn’t in the car for long.  She became much nicer to me and realized that management over exaggerated about the time being left in the car and she was on her way. Shockingly being called a bad owner has not happened to me before, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I think Gizmo has a great life and is treated more as a child then a dog (at times I wish I was him).  He has his own clothes bin, favorite human treats, and gets his own seat on airplanes. I rarely leave Gizmo in the car because he goes everywhere with me since he fits in my purse. I just didn’t want to bother Trader Joe's in Burbank with bringing in my Dog with his legal papers so he could be in the store, boy was I wrong, I will always bring Gizmo into a grocery store even if I am going in for a minute! 

It’s funny how some people already think they know who you are before even investing their time to communicate and really find out they are actually wrong with their own petty judgments. I am not angry or got bitter when I was talking to her (because I knew that I am great to Gizmo), but this incident really opened my eyes to notice a lot of people believe they know something about a complete stranger without even talking to them. For example, many people when they first meet me see a young, na├»ve, petite blonde, who doesn’t know much about life; therefore, it is always appalling to them when I prove their evaluations are inadequate.
One great thing about learning to write screenplays is that I really need to know my characters inside out to see what makes them tick and who they really are. These characters I create are like real people in the world, we all have things that happen in our lives that make us do the things we do. So before you judge someone, you might want to figure out who they really are first, because surprisingly you are probably very wrong about them. It takes years and years of peoples pasts to make them who they are today, so a few weeks or months does not give anyone enough credibility to make a judgment on a person.

Hope everyone is having a great and blessed day!

Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!
Cause who knows: WHAT COMES NEXT...
-Jahnna Randall

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Learning How to Play Guitar

Ouch my little fingertips are in a great deal of pain, even while I type this post, they are not pleased with me.  The guitar strings have taken a beaten to my fingers and it is hard to play more then 20 minutes at a time. After today’s lesson, I learned some new chords to practice throughout this coming week to result in being taught how to strum during my next session! By no means am I trying to become the next big rock star or musical hit. I am just adding another talent that might help with me getting seen in the acting industry! And plus I think the guitar is a cool instrument that I have always wanted to be able to play!


Gizmo and I went for our morning bike ride and it was a little nippy out. I guess getting up at 8 in the morning on a Sunday has a chain reaction of the sun not being out, since most of LA is still sleeping. It was nice being one of the only individuals out and about. Feeling bad for Gizmo who was shivering in his bike basket entailed me to pull over at a doggie shop to get him a shirt. We bargained with the store and got the sweater for three dollars and some change! I was pretty impressed since Gizmo’s clothes usually can cost more then people clothes. But he did need something to keep him warm for the remainder of our bike ride.

Today has been ten years since the tragic 9/11 attacks that affected millions. My prayers and deepest concerns go out to everyone and this day will always be remembered. 

I came across an outstanding quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. 
“Small minds discuss people, Average minds discuss events, and Great minds discuss ideas.”
This quote stands out to me because I agree with the statement 100 percent. I love talking about ideas with people and coming up with marvelous creative new adventures; however, a lot of society would rather gawk and talk about people. In my opinion I would rather worry more about what I want to do and accomplish in life then need to know what someone else is up to.  Being more concerned about other people would proceed in a consequence of wasting time that will affect the ability to get anything done for oneself. 

Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!
Cause who knows: WHAT COMES NEXT...
-Jahnna Randall

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coming Along With Guest House

I think I have gone way too far this time with Gizmo! I got him real hair extensions! I just couldn’t abstain from the beautiful golden puppy locks...
No, no, no, I can't believe you actually would think that I have the mindset to go that far. These extensions are for a role Gizmo will be playing. He kind of looks like a cool, hipster, surfer type though! Just to through that comment out there!

My new living is starting to come together and feeling more like a home. I can't believe how long it took me to organize my new place. All the other times I have moved, which has been four times within two years, it only took me a day or two to put everything away. It has been over 10 days and I am still not done. This is the first time having a one bedroom, so I figured it would be easier; however, I was mistakenly wrong. Being use to tiny studios and then encountering an extra room, I honestly didn't know what to do with it.  This extra bedroom threw me out of my commonplace routine; therefore, consequently got me to purchase my first bed frame for my mattress. Plus I needed to create some storage and what better space to be used then under your bed. The new frame is a great addition for the bedroom, even though it did take me a little over three and half hours to put together by myself. But when I have something I want done, I go for it until I get it accomplished!  When I first moved to California I always kept my mattress on the ground because I had no clue if I was going to stay out here or move back to the Midwest. I have finally decided California will be my new place for a few years.

Gizmo and I finally got to go for our daily typical bike ride today. It has been two days since we could use the bike considering we had a little hustle with a thorn patch that resulted in two flat tires. Bringing in the bike to repair our misfortune we are up and running back to our normal everyday addiction. 

Living Room


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Healthier and Learning about Finances!

Lost five pounds...and i feel great!  By no means was i over weight or anything, but in the industry i want to be in (acting), you really need to stay in shape and look your best. However, i am actually doing this for me! I am eating healthier, working out (with Gizmo), and trying to cut back a little on the chocolate (no way will i not ever eat chocolate). With this new outlook on my body and life i started reading the book "The Total Money Makeover" By Dave Ramsey. The book is about transforming your financial life and how to get out of debt while living a debt free successful life. I know, I know there's so many get rich fast books out there but this book is not that. It takes time, knowledge, and will power to get there. Just like losing weight, it takes time, dedication, motivation, and you can't do it without the proper steps. One of many things that stuck out to me while reading the book is how Ramsey talks about schools/colleges. Schools teach you how to earn money but upon graduation schools don't educate their students on what to do when the money comes. We as humans are taught from other people on what we know from math to riding a bicycle. So if we aren't taught how to handle our money we become ignorant (with the lack of knowledge) and that's where credit cards come into play and so many Americans fall into debt. The old tale of getting a credit card to establish credit is not the best way to go about it. Ramsey suggests paying things in cash. Paying in cash can get you deals, but it also shows you what you are spending instead of throwing up your plastic and forgetting the amount you had just spent on your card. This makes complete sense! I use my debit card and if i don't record the amount right away in my check register this can result in bad news and go into an overdraft! I do have one credit card because Gizmo had a little accident and had to get surgery awhile back. I love him too much so i needed to get a credit card to go forward with him getting better. I am under half of the initial purchase amount and within a few more months i will have the whole thing paid off. Following after, i will cut up the card and hopefully not have to go down that road again :)

Not only does the book go into great detail about how to get out of debt, it includes how to save money for the future with investments so you can live a stressless successful life!

I am only half way into the book and it's such an affective read i had to share it with all of you! There is an abundance of outstanding information in the book; therefore, if what i wrote above appeals to you, i think you might want to pick up the book from the library and give it a read!

Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!
Cause who knows: WHAT COMES NEXT...
-Jahnna Randall