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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hollywood sign!!! All the way to the top!

Wow... that is how i am going to start this post! Gizmo and i woke up this morning already planned to go to the Hollywood sign to take some pictures. I came up with an idea for my banner picture for the blog header and i wanted us to be in front of the Hollywood sign. So i packed up Gizmo, my tripod, water, and headed to the sign. To get to the sign you have to go into the Hollywood Hills which is a fairly winding road. I use to want to live in the Hollywood Hills so bad because the view is dynamite! But i have decided it is not for me, because the roads are just way too narrow. I grew up in the country, so i guess i am a little spoiled to wider roads where at least two cars can use the road, not one at a time.

Once we got to the top of where as far as cars can go we parked and started walking towards the sign.

It took us about two hours total to climb up and back down from the sign. I will be honest it is not an easy hike, and shouldn't been done by anyone. I probably shouldn't even had done it and i thought half way up the climb maybe i should have called someone and told them where i was going. After watching the film 127 hours and doing this climb i figured i should call my mom. But i did realize that even if i called her it still would take 127 hours for her to find me since she lives in Wisconsin. So with that thought, i looked at Giz and we kept climbing. When i watched the movie 127 hours i thought to myself i can't believe he didn't tell anyone where he was going or even the idea he would go alone. Well it all made sense today, because when i was climbing the mountain with myself and Gizmo it was such a rush and i just wanted to get closer and closer to the sign to the point i actually touched the sign (which was not even the plan of doing). It was amazing!!! This has totally made my whole week.

I just wanted to get the perfect picture for my blogs banner and i knew i needed the Hollywood sign in the background since my blog has to do with the acting industry. It was completely peaceful up there and you could see everything, after all we were extremely high up. We decided once we got to the top it would be a great time to take a rest and just enjoy the view and the calmness. I literally did not feel like i was in California for a good twenty minutes, it was glorious!


After the peace and wonderful break time i figured it was time to start making the journey back down the mountain. Considering, Gizmo walked the whole way up himself i concluded i better not have him walk down as well, so i popped him into my backpack.

We made it to the top! Gizmo is hanging out of the backpack. We look so tiny!

We did put our mark on Hollywood and i couldn't resist! Not many people go up that high so i had to write our names and hopefully years down the road our signature will still be there and I can look back on where it all started.

Because who knows: What Comes Next...

We put our mark on Hollywood!

You can see downtown LA in the background!
Time to walk all the way back down...

The fence was laying down and it looked like an invitation saying "It was okay to come on up!"

I have a great variety of pictures for the banner for my blog and i will crop/edit them in photoshop tomorrow and once i finish the final banner i will post it right away.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday, Gizmo and I are a little tired from our marathon so we are going to stay in and watch a movie...

Feel free to comment, critique, fix spelling, or ask questions on my blogs!

-Jahnna Randall


  1. This is amazing! But I was it still illegal to reach the sign from where you climbed? In a couple months I'm going to visit LA and I'd like to do the same hike you did, rather than the one where you end up at the back of the hollywood sign! Do you think it's safe without being caught? Thanks!

    1. After i did this, i found out it is illegal, i had to idea. To be honesty it's not very safe climbing up to it. There is no trail, it's all mountain and hills. Here's a video i created with the Hollywood Sign