Traveled half way across the country from Wisconsin to California so I could follow my dreams of becoming an actress. I'm documenting my adventures along with the struggles of the true Hollywood story of a no name girl trying to break into the filmmaking industry. I'm not going to sugar coat anything or lie about my experiences to make the journey sound better then what honestly is going on. I will be revealing the true reality, the success if any, and the heartache of what happens when trying to reach this one in a million dream. So come on this roller coaster with me and my dog Gizmo to see for yourself what it takes to make it, what it doesn't, or maybe you'll realize this dream could in fact be for you.

Friday, March 11, 2011

LAX, auditions, and Hollywood Sign

Super late Wednesday night i went to LAX and picked up my brother and his girlfriend. Before picking them up i pulled over and took some pictures of the LAX sign because there was no one around, so i figured it was a perfect opportunity.

Then we got up and went for a morning walk at the park that is near my house. After the walk my brother and girlfriend went to my pool, and i had to jet off to Hollywood for two auditions.  One was for a feature film and the other for a commercial. The commercial audition was for Trojan condoms, yes you can laugh because i so did too! I already knew before going to the audition i wouldn't probably be cast because my look isn't at all condom commercials. In commercials to get booked/hired for the job it is pretty much all about your look and how you can come off like a natural real human being on camera. For example, my commercial look would be more bubble gum, suckers, upbeat young girl stuff. The casting director at the audition even told me i was a little too sweet for the commercial ad.
I don't look old enough to be able to pull of condoms, i wouldn't even be able to do beer or liquor commercials because i look too young for alcoholic ads and i am actually not old enough because no one under 25 gets hired for those types of commercials.

The other audition was for a feature film for Paramount. I got referred to this audition by an amazing producer who was the director/writer/producer of a great film called Fling. At this audition I didn't have to prepare any lines i just needed to go on camera and talk a little bit about myself, so the casting director, producer, and director can see my real personality. I was super excited to meet the casting director Joanna Colbert because she casted the film Fling, Take me Home Tonight, No Strings Attached, Step Up, and many more great films. On camera i talked a bit about the Midwest and moving out to California and a little bit about my family life. I had a great time with the casting director, producer, and director of the film. I hope to be able to work with them!

When you audition there is always a sign in sheet where you print your name, agent, and contact information. Some auditions you also get another sheet to fill out more information about yourself if the director needs it, such as improv experience, websites, valid passport, union status, who referred you, dates of the shoot, and so on.

After the auditions I picked up my brother and his girlfriend and was off to show them the Hollywood sign. I know a cool way to get to the sign where you are right underneath it. There is a bunch of climbing involved to get close to it, but in the long run, so worth it.

Brother and his girlfriend right underneath the sign
Gizmo climbed it himself too and was a little trooper
Me and Dani at the sign
Sleep time


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