Traveled half way across the country from Wisconsin to California so I could follow my dreams of becoming an actress. I'm documenting my adventures along with the struggles of the true Hollywood story of a no name girl trying to break into the filmmaking industry. I'm not going to sugar coat anything or lie about my experiences to make the journey sound better then what honestly is going on. I will be revealing the true reality, the success if any, and the heartache of what happens when trying to reach this one in a million dream. So come on this roller coaster with me and my dog Gizmo to see for yourself what it takes to make it, what it doesn't, or maybe you'll realize this dream could in fact be for you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Websites and Hollywood Walk of Fame

This weekend i worked on creating websites again (past blog on websites
I am so close to finished with this website! I designed this site in dreamweaver, photoshop, and used CSS, javascript, and jquery. Here are some screen shots of the video and picture gallery that is finished:
This is what the pictures look like when clicked on. I like this because you don't have to leave the page to look at the pictures. You can click next and previous buttons and when done looking at the pictures click the close box.
This is the video gallery. I created pictures from each of the films to use as the display picture.
Once you click on the video, the video will pop up and you can watch it on the same page.
This website should be live on the web this coming week and i will make sure to add a link, so if anyone is interested to see what the finish website looks like! Any comments or critiques are highly appreciated  :) 

Gizmo and I got invited for a get together at a friends for some drinks, steak, and burgers. And of course Gizzy couldn't say no to any of those three combinations. Giz was the life of the party and made some new friends, ate well, and then wanted to keep going after the get together was over. So Giz insisted we go to Dilions an Irish pub in Hollywood for a drink before going home.  All in all, I think Giz just wanted to walk the Hollywood star of fame.

We seem to always match with our wardrobe, not sure how we always seem to pick the same style!
Giz having a ball walking the Hollywood Star of Fame!
He got a little tired and wanted in his bag

All tucked in

Giz is out for the count

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A weekend full of Websites

This past weekend California had a wicked rain storm. I know that when it rains out here people say it is a storm, but I am not a California native so when it rains I don't think that should even be called a storm. I am use to storms like snow blizzards and icy roads but this i will have to admit... was a little intimidating. My windows were shacking uncontrollable and rain was even getting in. I kept hearing cop and ambulance sirens much more than normal. So with that said, i stayed in and worked on websites!

I am creating a friend of mine, her actress website. I have gotten the main home page just about complete, and started on her gallery page. I wanted to create a cool pop up gallery so then people could click through and look at all the photos and it would be easy to use. Here are some screen shots i took to show what i have done so far:

This is the home page design
This is the Gallery
This is the what the photo looks like when clicked on

While working on websites, i somehow accomplished to deflate my queen size blow up mattress. I have no idea how, i just noticed when working on my computer i looked over and Gizzy was sinking. So i figured i better go to target and get Gizzy his new bed so he wouldn't complain. And i know what you are thinking, really a dog would not complain. Oh no then you do not know Gizzy, he really does scream and wine like a real child. It is bizarre but i do have videos to prove it. Needless to say i did get a new blow up mattress (i am on my 6th one now within 3 years) and he is much happier.

Blowing up Gizzys Bed
He is much happier now

Grandma sent Giz a package and he got a life-jacket. Not sure if this is because of the CA rain storm or because Gizzy is going to WI June 23rd - July 6th for some fun boating and hanging out at the cabin.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Callback, taping session, and earthquake

I went in for my call back audition for the paramount feature film on Tuesday (past blog on film audition and i read a two page script with the casting director and did a improv exercise with the director. The director gave me a small scenario of our relationship (who we are to each other) and then we jumped right into the scene. I was playing a girl who was getting married the next day and the director was playing the role of my best friend. Improv is where there is no dialogue written out, you work off of each other, and use your instincts to express how you really feel. So it's kind of like real life where you speak your mind but in an imaginary place. The improv scene was fun to do and then the casting director and director said thank you and i then left the audition. I haven't heard anything back yet, so i am not sure if that means i didn't get the role. So if i hear anything next week i will make sure to blog what i found out or what i didn't find out about the audition. When you audition for a part and you don't get it, then you don't get a phone call. And a lot of the times when you audition you never know when or how long it might be if they do call. So to say the least, acting can be a little stressful at times lol ;)

Today i had another taping session (past blog that explains about taping session I read for the role of Annie and then we did some commercial reads. I am still not comfortable of uploading my commercial tapings (past blog about commercial reads to my blogs just yet. I still need some more practice of not looking at the commercial board as often as i have been doing. We did also try an improv exercise kind of like the exercise i did with the director of the feature film audition; however, we used a different relationship scenario.

Here's the taping of the role of Annie. Annie is a sweet girl who has been dating Billy for a month. Billy wants to do the deed, but Annie thinks they are too young and she isn't quite ready yet; however, Billy disagrees.

Here is the improv exercise. The relationship was that we were sisters and she was watching over my apartment when i was gone; therefore, she lost the keys and left the apartment unlocked and someone came in and took mostly everything. To say the least i wasn't too happy about the news.

So i have been hearing some people talking about an earthquake that is suppose to hit California. I asked around to see if it was true but not too many people knew. I don't have TV so i couldn't turn on the news to check out the gossip, but i did do a Google search and to address what i found, wasn't too good.  Geological Survey scientist Jim Berkland predicts a major earthquake for California tomorrow. I sure hope he is wrong. Here is the article i came across

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last of the touring and Audition Callback Today!

Yesterday i dropped off my brother and his girlfriend at LAX to go back to snowy Minnesota. Saturday we had a movie day and went to the grove and watched Battle LA. Sunday we all traveled to Vegas to do a little gambling, see Pawn Stars, and the Vegas Strip.

Pawn Stars great show on the History Channel

Vegas Strip

Now that my brother and his girlfriend went back home, i have to get back to reality which means back to work. Today i have my callback audition for the paramount feature film (past blog on film audition and i will need to get back to studying my website designs and creating some to put up online! YAY!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Audition Callback and touring LA

I got a callback from the feature film audition i went to on Thursday (past blog on film audition How the audition process works is first the actor or agent sends a headshot (Close up picture of the actor) and resume (Previous acting jobs) to a casting director. If the casting director is interested in the actor they will have the actor come in for an audition. If the casting director likes what the actor did in the audition room and is still interested then the actor will get a callback. The first audition has quite a few actors going out for the role and then the callback is narrowed down to just a couple of people. Callbacks are really good for an actor to get because there is a big chance the actor may get the role. My callback is on Tuesday, so i will write more about the feature film then. FINGERS CROSSED :)

I did some touring of LA to show my brother and his girlfriend more of California.
Thursday night we went out to the Jon Lovitz comedy club at Universal Studios to watch a bunch of different comedians for a comedy contest. Dante from NBC's Last Comic Standing was their host. The acts were great and it was a wonderful environment with a night full of laughs.

Friday i took my brother and his girlfriend to Venice Beach and a restaurant called Paradise Cove in Malibu that over looked the ocean. Gizmo made some friends along the fulfilled tour day of different beaches on the west-side.

Venice, Muscle Beach
People selling marijuana on the Venice Beach boardwalk, welcome to CA
Malibu at Paradise Cove
Gizmo making friends
It was an emergency to stop to get some cool pictures of the mountains      

Some videos of Gizmo being Giz:

Friday, March 11, 2011

LAX, auditions, and Hollywood Sign

Super late Wednesday night i went to LAX and picked up my brother and his girlfriend. Before picking them up i pulled over and took some pictures of the LAX sign because there was no one around, so i figured it was a perfect opportunity.

Then we got up and went for a morning walk at the park that is near my house. After the walk my brother and girlfriend went to my pool, and i had to jet off to Hollywood for two auditions.  One was for a feature film and the other for a commercial. The commercial audition was for Trojan condoms, yes you can laugh because i so did too! I already knew before going to the audition i wouldn't probably be cast because my look isn't at all condom commercials. In commercials to get booked/hired for the job it is pretty much all about your look and how you can come off like a natural real human being on camera. For example, my commercial look would be more bubble gum, suckers, upbeat young girl stuff. The casting director at the audition even told me i was a little too sweet for the commercial ad.
I don't look old enough to be able to pull of condoms, i wouldn't even be able to do beer or liquor commercials because i look too young for alcoholic ads and i am actually not old enough because no one under 25 gets hired for those types of commercials.

The other audition was for a feature film for Paramount. I got referred to this audition by an amazing producer who was the director/writer/producer of a great film called Fling. At this audition I didn't have to prepare any lines i just needed to go on camera and talk a little bit about myself, so the casting director, producer, and director can see my real personality. I was super excited to meet the casting director Joanna Colbert because she casted the film Fling, Take me Home Tonight, No Strings Attached, Step Up, and many more great films. On camera i talked a bit about the Midwest and moving out to California and a little bit about my family life. I had a great time with the casting director, producer, and director of the film. I hope to be able to work with them!

When you audition there is always a sign in sheet where you print your name, agent, and contact information. Some auditions you also get another sheet to fill out more information about yourself if the director needs it, such as improv experience, websites, valid passport, union status, who referred you, dates of the shoot, and so on.

After the auditions I picked up my brother and his girlfriend and was off to show them the Hollywood sign. I know a cool way to get to the sign where you are right underneath it. There is a bunch of climbing involved to get close to it, but in the long run, so worth it.

Brother and his girlfriend right underneath the sign
Gizmo climbed it himself too and was a little trooper
Me and Dani at the sign
Sleep time

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Film Premier and Tapings

Gizzy being the Casting Director
Today was another afternoon of tapings (past blog that explains about taping session We are still doing our regular style of tapings, but we have now added some commercial material to the mix. Commercial auditions are much different then film auditions. When auditioning for a commercial casting director you are still being video taped but the style of scripts are shorter and most of the times there is a board in the room. A board is a big piece of paper that is standing on the side of the camera. This is for the actor to recall their lines towards the camera instead of glancing down at a script in your hands. This board sounds like a piece of cake and easy for an actor; however, that board is the devil in my eyes. Why i say that is because it is so easy to just stare at the board and read it; therefore, on tape an actor reading a board and not delivering their lines looking into the camera comes off really bad on tape. Which leads to an actor not getting hired. I will eventually add a couple commercial videos on my blogs, but not for a little while because i need more practice and getting used to the different style of acting. However, I did tape a film scene and read for the role of Camilla who is a very sweet girl that wants to be an astronomer and believes in God.

This is an audition set up

 A friend and past director i worked with flew in Monday from Minnesota to put on a premier of two of his past films in Burbank CA, which is very close to where i live. It was a lot of fun to meet up and hang with the Minnesotan crowd again!!! I actually felt like i was back home and not in LA for the night. The set up was at this really cool country looking bar and had a film screen in the middle of the place. I took some pictures from the night:
Gizmo trying to steal my attention from my studying, before i left for the Premier
Shot of the film while in my seat
There were even smores!!!
Director Matt signing his poster of the films
Gizzy gets all the guys in his bed. Yes Giz has his own queen size bed, there are two in our apartment... So Spoiled

Sunday, March 6, 2011

48 hour Go Green Video and Taping Session

I received one of the short films I have taken part in out here in California, the 48 hour Go Green project (past blog that talks about the 48 hour project Our cast and crew had 48 hours to write, film, edit and score the short film. Our guidelines for this film were: we needed a prop of a camera, line of dialogue we had to use was "That's not the way i remember it," character name had to be T. Dupont that's an Artist and our genre/theme was saving the water.

Here is "We should be Swimming"

Here are a few stills from the short film:

Director explaining concept to the actors
Rehearsals with the script
Filming without the scripts in hand
Shot of what this scene looked liked
My character really likes the pool!
Looks like a horror creepy film shot right before i die, LOL
I ate too many gummies and they got stuck in my teeth, oops my bad
Not a smiling moment in the scene, but at times i can't help to crack a smile

 I also had a taping session today (past blog that explains about taping session I decided to tape a scene from the audition i had last week for the feature film (past blog on the audition I read for the role of Stacy who is a sweet girl who loves the person she is in a relationship with. Stacy is helping her significant other to cover up an accident killing and confronting what the real motives are entailing their relationship and what is coming next for them.