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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hollywood Sign

I went to the Hollywood sign last week and forgot to post the pictures. I have been to the Hollywood sign once before but didn't remember how to get there, so i posted a help me get to the Hollywood sign on my facebook and i got a few different hits from people. There isn't an address for the Hollywood sign so it wasn't like i could GPS it.

 This was my first attempt, I didn't like it because I felt way too far from the sign...
 But i did get a pretty view of water and some palm trees...
and some houses and mountains...

 I got back in my car and decided to try a different route. I started going up a hill and it kept weaving and going up higher and higher so i figured I had to be going in the right direction. Then i came to a dead end, so i parked my car and got out. I saw this little trail (not sure if it was welcomed for visitors to take) and started for the sign. This is me peaking through the branches at the sign (yes i am a little short).

This is what the trail i found looked like. It was beautiful and amazing because i was the only person on it. I felt like it was my own backyard, very peaceful.
 Some more pics of the Hollywood sign


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